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Translations and Published Versions

Difficulty of translating Rabbinic works:
Mishnaic Hebrew and Talmudic Aramaic are gramatically simpler than the Biblical languages, and the vocabulary is smaller. However, rabbinic works are very highly abbreviated, so that they are impossible to translate directly into understandable English. One has to either create a flowing translation which hangs loosely on the text, or make an accurate translation with stilted English and explanatory phrases added in square brackets. Most translators aim for a compromise between the two.

Among the published translations, Neuser aims for an accurate translation which attempts to accurately portray the text. All other translators tend to concentrate on a more flowing text. Neusner's translations are therefore a better aid for following the Hebrew text.

Mishnah trans by Herbert Danby [new & used]
This first English translation of the whole Mishnah set a very high standard. His translation tends to be based on teh interpretations of Maimonides.

Mishnah trans. by Jacob Neusner  [new & used]
A modern translation which fits as closely to the text as possible.

Mishnah trans. by Philip Blackman  [used only]
The pointed Hebrew text and notes based on Talmudic interpretation make this the most useful translation.

Artscroll Mishnah dedicated to Yad Avraham  [new & used]
A series of fresh translations with extensive commentaries from the Orthodox Jewish perspective.

Tosephta trans. by Jacob Neusner  [new]
The only English translation of this very important work.

Soncino Babylonian Talmud & Mishnah  [software]
A wonderful scholarly Jewish translation. Best accessed in the English+Hebrew Davka software. It is worth buying this translation for the invaluable footnotes.

Babylonian Talmud trans by Jacob Neusner  [new & used]
Full text, translated literally. The electronic version is PDF files of the Hendrickson printed edition.

Babylonian Talumd - Schottenstein ed.  [new]
Hebrew & English with extensive notes based on the ancient commentaries in the traditional margins of the daf layout.

Jerusalem Talmud trans. by Jacob Neusner  [new & used]
Full text, translated literally, with extensive notes in square brackets.

Jerusalem Talmud - Schottenstein ed  [new (incomplete)]
A careful translation from the Orthodox Jewish perspective.

Jerusalem Talmud trans. by Heinrich Guggenheimer [new (incomplete)]
A translation in flowing English with extensive notes which form a short commentary.